If you cannot do great
things, do small things
in a great way

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Je préfère être détesté pour
ce que je suis qu’être aimé
pour ce que je ne suis pas

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You only live once
but if you do it right
once is enough

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OLYMPIA schedule 2018

Hey guys, schedule for the Olympia weekend

Thursday 7.00 PM: Meet the Olympians. I will got two different shirts, limited edition. Swisspocketknife style and BRUUU style. Three sizes: L; XL; XXL (10 per size for each one guys, so hurry up when you'll be there :-) )

Friday 12.00-2.00 PM, with MHP (expo) and 7.00 PM prejudging

Saturday 12.00-2.00 PM, with MHP (expo) and 7.00 PM finals

27 août 2018

Next Show: Tampa Pro 212

It's unexpected but I'll do Tampa Pro the 2-4. August. I'm still chasing the Olympia qualification. Last chance for 2018.

21 juillet 2018

New Collaboration With Max Human Performance

Glad to announce my new collaboration with MHP (Maximum Human Performance). A great opportunity and new perspective for my career. Stay tuned

Show time in 10 days in Estoril (Portugal)

5 juillet 2018

Next show: Portugal Pro 14. July

I will compete in July, 14. In Estoril, at the Portugal Pro show 212. Stay tuned. 7 weeks out

26 mai 2018


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